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Frank FriedmanOpportunity. Access. Excellence. This is the promise that Piedmont Virginia Community College makes to the citizens of Central Virginia.

Opportunities abound. Whether you are seeking the first two years of a four-year degree, a promotion at work or a new career in one of the region's high-demand fields, there is a place for you at PVCC.

We are accessible. Our open enrollment policy extends higher education to everyone ready to learn. When you are ready to advance your education, PVCC is ready for you. Our tuition is about a third of that of four-year public colleges and universities in Virginia and we offer a wide range of grants, loans and scholarships to help you pay for college. We offer classes during the day, on evenings and weekends, in person and online.

PVCC has a history of excellence. It begins in the classroom with outstanding professors committed to teaching and to each student's success. It is woven into the life of our community through the thousands of alumni who are found in virtually every business and professional environment in Central Virginia. Every academic program, every service we provide reflects our commitment to excellence.

Our promise grows out of our beliefs-beliefs that unite the diverse community that is PVCC.

We believe...
...that a College Education should be available to all. Economic status and past academic achievement should not be barriers to opportunity. We do not seek out the educational winners; we make winners out of anyone willing to try.

...in our students. We do not measure success by people's achievements when they enter, but rather by their skills and abilities when they leave. We are committed to helping our students succeed.

...in the power of teaching. Our faculty is second to none. We insist on rigorous standards but also strive to create a supportive environment in which students can achieve.

...in our community. We develop programs with area employers-hospitals, businesses, technology companies-to give students the skills they need to advance in the workplace.

Whether you know us well or are just beginning to make our acquaintance, we hope you will find this website useful and that you will return often. And if you have thoughts about ways PVCC can improve on its promise, please let us know. We believe we can always do better.

Frank Friedman
PVCC President


Opportunity. Access. Excellence.
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